The Thai Silk Company Limited (the “Company”) values and is committed to protecting your personal information and privacy. In order to offer the safe and secure using Company's website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) The Company may collect, use and/or disclose personal information regarding your website visits and usage (collectively referred to as “Personal Information”). This is accomplished through the utilization of cookies or similar technologies when you visit our website, enabling the Company to facilitate website usage, enhance user experience, and promptly address specific needs

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files designed to store information about your website visit, including the date and time of the clicked link, visited pages, and saved settings on your computer or communication device, such as a notebook, tablet, or smartphone accessed through a web browser. While you browse the website, cookies pose no harm to your devices. In specific cases, personal data may be collected to enhance your online service experience by remembering unique language preferences and other settings based on your needs. This data may also be used to verify your identity and safety information, including services of interest. Additionally, cookies serve purposes such as measuring online service traffic, tailoring content to your browsing behaviour, and potentially being utilized for advertising purposes.

Criteria for cookies have classified cookies by using the criteria as follows.
For service duration criteria will be classified in 2 types as follows 

  • Session Cookies are temporary cookies designed to remember you during your browsing on the Company's website, such as monitoring the language preferences you have set. These cookies are deleted from your computer or devices when you leave the website or close the web browser.
  • Persistent Cookies are cookies that will last for a specified period or until manually deleted. This type of cookie enables the Company's website to retain your settings for future visits, facilitating more convenient and swift access to website services upon your return.

Service provider criteria are classified into two types as follows:

  • party cookies. These are cookies generated by the websites you directly visit and are displayed in your browser.
  • Third-Party Cookies. These cookies are generated by other websites and own specific content, such as advertisements or images, that you encounter on the webpages you visit.

Types of cookies and purposes of cookies used by the Company

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies.  These cookies are necessary for the service of Company's website enabling access to and usage of different sections and retaining the information you provide through the website.  Disabling these cookies will render you unable to access the Company's essential services, as they are necessary for the proper functioning of cookies.
  • Performance Cookies. These cookies enable the Company to track user interactions across its website, webpages, or trending sections. They also analyse other data, contributing to the enhancement of website functionality and a deeper understanding of user behaviour. It's important to note that the information gathered by these cookies is anonymous and strictly used for statistical analysis. Disabling this cookie type would impede the Company's ability to assess the number of website visitors and evaluate service quality.
  •             Functional Cookies. These cookies help the Company's website by remembering your personalized setting preferences.  They contribute to delivering additional features and content tailored to your usage, such as memorizing your user account, font size, or webpage preference settings that you can customize. Disabling this type of cookies may lead to the website not functioning properly.
  • Targeted advertising cookies. These cookies are generated by connecting with third-party websites, collecting information about your usage and the websites you've visited. They are designed to provide related products or services from websites other than the Company's. Disabling this type of cookies won't impact your use of the website, but it will affect the personalized offering of products or services on other websites, as they may not align with your interests.

Setting Cookies

A personal data subject can change your cookie settings at any time by pressing the "X" icon on the website (the Company may assign an icon to the webpage for the Personal Data Subject to easily noticeable.). Then slide the button to select “On” or “Off” and click “Save and Close”. The Personal Data Subject may require to refresh the website to changes preferences that the personal data subject has been set.

In addition, most web browsers allow personal data subjects to control most cookies through the configuration of the web browser themselves. In case the personal data subjects wish to know more about cookies or how to view their cookies preferences by visit or

Please note that if you disable cookies on your browser or device, this may result some parts of the Company websites unable to work or provide services effectively. for more information on this subject, you can visit

If you do not want Google Analytics to track your information on the websites you visit, please visit

Storage period

The Company retains cookies for a reasonable period, determined by the type of cookies involved.  Session Cookies store data solely during the user's website visit, concluding when the browser is closed, without leaving any traces on your computer or communication device. Conversely, other cookie types preserve information even after closing your browser. You possess the right to delete these cookies at your discretion.

Changes to Announcements

The Company reserves the right to change and amend this notice. Please visit this website to review the cookie policy as well as other additional information which we will update the information published on the Company's website from time to time.

Contact us

If you have any recommendations, inquiries or complaints regarding the data collection, use and/or disclosure by contacting:

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The Thai Silk Company Limited
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Announced 31 May 2022